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Geographical Names Database (PDNG) is a database that stores geographical names, locations, historical backgrounds and name of places that have been verified in a consistent format for government and public use.
The development of PDNG is based on data obtained from the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (JUPEM) and the National Hydrographic Centre (PHN)and subsequently, the geographical name will be verified by the state Economic Planning Unit (UPEN) before being uploaded into the PDNG.



PDNG using the MyGeoName, displays the geographical names, locations, histories and state magazines contained in the PDNG. The application also provides the geographic names in Jawi and audio that contains pronunciation in official Malay and local dialects.


Geographical Names Guideline


There are 2 guidelines used, the Geographical Names Guideline and Malaysian Standard MS 2256: 2009 Geographic Information-Guidelines for the Determination of Geographical Names.

Geographical Names Guideline
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