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MS1759:2015, Geographic/Geomatics Information - Features and Attribute Codes

Describe the method of encoding the features and attributes created. Features are real objects while attributes are collected information of the designated feature.
mukadepanms1759book MS1759 document can be purchased through the Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM).

MS 1759

MS1759 facilitates the sharing of geospatial data among agencies including provider, supplier and user of geospatial data. It sets the method for encoding geospatial data and provides descriptions of related features and attributes.

MS1759 Search Engine


The MS1759 Search Engine has been developed to enable online search for features and attributes codes to be used in the geospatial data development. Searching can be done by using categories and keywords. The searching results will display the Feature Codes, Feature Names, Descriptions, Attribute Codes and Attribute Names.


Data Category Code Structure


MS1759 provides the following 12 categories of code structure details:

  • A = Aeronautical
  • B = Built Environment
  • D = Demarcation
  • G = Geology
  • H = Hydrography
  • R = Hypsography
  • S = Soil
  • T = Transportation
  • U = Utility
  • V = Vegetation
  • X = Special Use
  • Z = General
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