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  • What is the level of availability to access GIS application services?

    • The average GIS application service availability is 97%.

  • What is the procedure for a visit to PGN?

    Application for a visit to PGN must be submitted by a formal letter to:


    • National Geospatial Centre (PGN) Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Level 7 & 8, Wisma Sumber Asli No. 25, Persiaran Perdana, Precinct 4 Federal Government Administrative Centre 62574 Putrajaya, MALAYSIA.
    • Please include the objectives of the visit, the number of delegates, the list of delegates (if any) and the proposed date / time.

  • What is the reference source for the designation of land administration boundaries in the UPI application?

    • Source references to land administration boundary names are based on State Gazette (JUPEM State) and Office of Land & Mines (State PTG).

  • What is UPI?

    • Unique Parcel Identifier (UPI) is a method of identifying the location of a parcel containing a unique series of numbers for state, district / district, county / city, town, section and lot number.

  • What kind of articles can be contributed to the BGSA Secretariat?

    • Articles that can be contributed to the BGSA Secretariat are articles or reports on geospatial developments and activities held at government agencies, statutory bodies and institutions of higher learning.

  • What kind of visits does PGN accept?

    • PGN accepts work, technical, courtesy and study visits from international agencies, government agencies, statutory bodies, private companies and institutions of higher learning.

  • Will my articles be accepted and published automatically after submission?

    • Each article received will be evaluated by a committee appointed by the Author. Only selected and approved articles will be included in the BGSA.

  • Will the preparation and publication of metadata disclose agency data to the public?

    • No, providing and publishing metadata will not interfere with the agency's data security. The provision of metadata only involves the description of data / products / services in the agency in a textual form.

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