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  • How to get a published copy of BGSA?

    • All published BGSAs are available online and can be downloaded on MyGeoportal via the link at the PUBLICATIONS

  • How to get FGD data list?

    • The list of FGD data can be obtained through the following links; (Link to FGD page).

  • Is the data stored in MyGDI cloud secure?

    • PGN has been certified with the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) since 2014.

  • Is the preparation and publication of metadata important to the agency?

    • Yes, the preparation and publication of this metadata is a method of promoting the availability of geospatial information in agencies. Completed metadata helps users to identify agency products / services in detail and accuracy.

  • Is there any specific policy or law established through this MyGDI program?

    • There are no specific geospatial policies and laws. MyGDI program is based on 10 circulars, circulars letter and guidelines for operating purposes.

  • What are the geospatial data categories under the MyGDI program?

    • The 12 categories of geospatial data under the MyGDI program are Aeronautical, Built Environment, Demarcation, General, Geology, Hydrography, Hypsography, Soil, Special Use, Transportation, Utility and Vegetation.

  • What are the GIS ICT infrastructure services provided to government agencies?

    • The GIS ICT infrastructure services provided are MyGDI cloud which includes Platform as A Service (PaaS) such as integrated database and Software as A Service (SaaS) such as MyGOS applications.

  • What are the writing guidelines used for submitting BGSA articles?

    The writing guidelines for submitting BGSA articles are as follows:

    1 . Written in Malay or English.

    2. Abstract written in italic.

    3. The writing format is as follows :

    • Font type : Arial
    • Headline size : 12
    • Font size : 10
    • Spacing : Single
    • Margin : Top, bottom, left and right - 2.5cm
    • Text alignment : Left
    • Columns : One column per paget
    • Columns : One column per paget

    4. The article is submitted in a softcopy with Microsoft Word format.

    5. All images and graphics must be in .tif or .jpg format with a resolution not less than 150 d.p.i.

  • What Is Clearinghouse

    Clearinghouse is a physical repository structure that collects, stores, and disseminates information, metadata, and data. It is a distributed system of servers located on the Internet which contain field-level descriptions of available digital spatial data and services. This descriptive information, known as metadata, is collected in a standard format to facilitate query and consistent presentation across multiple websites. Clearinghouse uses readily available Web technology for the publication and discovery of available geospatial resources through clearinghouse portal.

  • What is Custodian Data?

    • Custodians are agencies that act as trustees on behalf of the Government and not absolute owners of the data stored in their respective databases.

  • What is Fundamental Geospatial Data (FGD)?

    • Fundamental Geospatial Data (FGD) is a high interest or significant geospatial data that complies with the standards and required by various parties to support the planning and development of a country or organization. The main references of FGD are based on the features in the document Malaysian Standard MS1759 Geographic Information/Geomatics - Feature and Attribute Codes.

  • What is GDC?

    • Geospatial Data Centre (GDC) is a main component of the data framework in the implementation of the National Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MyGDI). The development and maintenance of GDC data is centrally located based on seamless data categories and complies with the standards.

  • What is Geospatial Data?

    • Information that identifies, describes, or explain the geographical location, boundaries or characteristics of the population as well as the natural or features built on the surface and below the surface of the earth.

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